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Climbing the Mountaineer’s Route on Elephant’s Perch (Video) | Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

A few weeks ago, my friend Kirk and I were trying to decide on an adventure. Being from Salt Lake, we had plans to go to Yosemite, but ended up not working out for the timeframe that we wanted. We did have a couple days to make something happen, so the Elephant's Perch stood out to us as a moderate climb, short drive and easy approach. We left Salt Lake around 10:00am on a Thursday and drove the 6 hours to the ... Read more

Classic Climbing City of Rocks, Idaho: Wheat Thin

Because it has been so rainy in Salt Lake City the last few weeks, Kirk and I were able to sneak away to the City of Rocks on Saturday to take advantage of a day of clear weather. We got on three routes each. At the city, you have to build anchors at the top of each route and your partner must follow you up. This is great practice for building anchors, but is sort of slow if both partners want to lead. ... Read more

How my outdoor goals impact me! (Progress and Goals for the future)

It's been a while since I've posted because I have been spending a lot of time rock climbing lately in order to prep for the set of adventures I have in store for summer 2014. The truth is, I am not really sure what I want out of this blog and I kind of want to personalize it more. I want to make it more like an adventure journal that highlights my trips, but allows me to present my thoughts, goals, ... Read more

Snowshoeing in Ponderosa State Park, McCall, Id

Situated just inside the rim of Pacific weather influence, McCall, Idaho and the surrounding West Central mountains are capable of accumulating massive amounts of snow. Tired clouds dump the rest of their cargo on these mountains before heading south to dryer climates. This Pacific influence makes for a special kind of snow. Here the flakes are bigger, heavier, and wetter. The white stuff piles high. Walking on a snowshoe trail here combines the view of untouched feet of powder laden across the ... Read more

Day Hiking and Backpacking Mount Borah in Idaho

I grew up in Idaho and have been wanting to climb Mount Borah for a few years; basically since I started climbing mountains over the past little while, Borah has been on my list. I wanted to get it done this year, and I felt like October was the last month I would be able to check it off, without having to do a winter climb. So, my friend Kim and I set out with the idea to hike a few hours ... Read more

Backpacking to Sawtooth Lake and Summiting Mount Regan

A few years back, a friend and I decided to go on a backpacking trip into the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. This was basically the first backpacking trip that I had planned and executed. My friend and I planned it, but prior to this trek, I had only gone backpacking with youth groups for church and my parents. So, I guess this is where I lost my backpacking virginity... Or something. We didn'g go into Stanley for this hike to Stanley Lake, ... Read more

Seven Devils, Hells Canyon Wilderness, Idaho

The Seven Devils mountains are a rugged bunch of sky scraping, basalt pinnacles. Though the peak elevation of this geographically small region at He Devil is only 9,393 ft., short by most diehards’ standards, the stunning fluctuations between the ancient and narrow, lake-filled, green glacial valleys walled in by their towering, lord like, mountain brethren give you a real sense of the word gigantic. Like I said before, the Seven Devils range is relatively small compared to many mountain ranges. A loop ... Read more

Backpacking in Stanley, Idaho – McGown Peak

This Spring I had a pretty great backpacking trip through the Sawtooth Mountains starting from Stanley Lake in early April. We took a spontaneous trip to Stanley and camped next to Stanley Lake. We decided shortly after we set up camp to try to backpack to McGown Peak, one of the tallest peak in the Sawtooths. We woke up the next morning and began our trek. We walked up the road to the trailhead and began our hike toward the peak. The ... Read more

Summit of Bacon Peak in Idaho

The Saint Joe River is one of great beauty, even for Idaho standards. The water is clear and clean, and flows through a canyon that forces the hiker to experience shades of green that would make Tom Bombadil envious. That is a Lord of the Rings reference folks. Read it. This river hosts large, well fed trout. Catch and release only and the use of barbless hooks keep the stream on of the country’s best. Hike the trail upstream ... Read more

Day Hiking to Boulder Lake, McCall, Idaho

This hike is a super easy 1.3 mile hike to Boulder Lake from Boulder Meadow Reservoir. For how easy it is, you get a very remote feeling although you can see the town of Lake Fork and McCall from viewpoints. Solitude is not its best attribute, unless you hike farther up to the higher lakes in this small drainage. This is a great, quick backcountry hike for beginners or for a quick experience with lots of easy peaking around and some ... Read more
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