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Snowshoeing in Ponderosa State Park, McCall, Id

Situated just inside the rim of Pacific weather influence, McCall, Idaho and the surrounding West Central mountains are capable of accumulating massive amounts of snow. Tired clouds dump the rest of their cargo on these mountains before heading south to dryer climates. This Pacific influence makes for a special kind of snow. Here the flakes are bigger, heavier, and wetter. The white stuff piles high. Walking on a snowshoe trail here combines the view of untouched feet of powder laden across the ... Read more

Snowshoeing to the Summit of Grandeur Peak in Utah

I returned to this trail head, just South East of Downtown Salt Lake because my last attempt up Grandeur Peak was met by a windy, thick snowstorm that left me drenched in just 15 minutes. My first try was a week earlier, and I didn't feel comfortable hiking alone in a blizzard when I couldn't see. The trail through the snow on the sunny day of my second attempt started out looking well-trafficked. Most trails at the base of the Wasatch start ... Read more

Snowshoeing to the East Ridge of Pfeifferhorn

This was an amazing hike! I will do it again before the winter is over. We started at the White Pine Trailhead about 3 miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was a beautiful day and a lot of crosscountry skiers and splitboarders were already on the trail. My friend and I don't have splitboards, so on our backs were regular snowboards, and on our feet were snowshoes. We began hiking on a well beaten path that had seen a fair amount of ... Read more

Thanksgiving Morning Snowshoe Past Donut Falls

I decided at the end of the year that it would be fun to start getting involved with other hikers near Salt Lake, so I signed up for and started going on outdoor adventures with some new groups. This group planned a snowshoeing adventure on Thanksgiving morning to a popular hike in Big Cottonwood that I had been on before. It was to Donut Falls. This short hike starts out on a road and goes up about a mile to a waterfall ... Read more

Snowshoeing to Dog Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon

As I feel like I have started to become a fairly avid backpacker and 3 season day hiker, I began to realize I have been lacking in winter hiking. This winter I have made a strong effort to get outside and into the snow of the backcountry. I have no excuse not to, living in Salt Lake. Amazing mountain trailheads are 10 minutes from my front door! I started my winter adventures with some basic snowshoeing trails up Big Cottonwood Canyon. My ... Read more