About My Blog & Me

Rock Climbing Division American Fork CanyonMy name is Scott Stevenson. I moved to Utah in 2011 after graduating from Boise State University. Growing up in Idaho, I have always loved backpacking, hiking and trailrunning, but Salt Lake City opened up an entirely new realm of outdoor activity. What started out as backpacking and hiking quickly transformed into mountain climbing, rock climbing, traveling, and backcountry snowboarding.

Not too long after moving to Salt Lake all I wanted to do was experience nature as often as possible. I began a goal to climb the 50 state high points, and after a few steep exposed peaks I began sport climbing and worked my way into traditional climbing in order to improve my skills as a mountain climber.

I traveled out of the country and climbed mountains. I traveled within the country climbing classic routes. I stayed in Salt Lake and worked on improving my climbing abilities, increasing my physical capabilities and learning new skills for the mountains. I have strived to educate myself in risk management, weather assessment, terrain navigation, rescue and leadership.

Currently, I am working as a web developer and living in Cottonwood Heights. I am working on improving my skills in single pitch and multipitch rock climbing, trad climbing, sport climbing and bouldering. I also enjoy ice climbing, mountaineering and alpine rock!

Some of my notable outdoor accomplishments are listed HERE.

My 2022 goals are listed HERE.