100 Things I Like About Myself

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Going to try to write 100 things that I like about myself. A project my sister recommended for me. I struggle with self-esteem so we’ll see how this goes:

  1. I am committed
  2. I like to do things well
  3. I am kind to people
  4. I try new things
  5. I don’t like staying in my comfort zone
  6. I love passion
  7. I care too much
  8. I finish things that I start
  9. I notice effort of others and appreciate it
  10. When I connect with people I connect deeply
  11. I care what other people think, but I also do it my way anyways
  12. I am different than others, I think I don’t like to follow social norms
  13. I am a perfectionist
  14. I think I have style. I like the way I dress
  15. I like things/music/activities right before they become popular for some reason. (Trend setter??)

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