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Climbing Goals for 2020

2020 Climbing Goals: Here are my ideas so far for some goals for the year. They will likely become more specific over the course of the year: General Repoint 10 Traditional 5.10+ (5 multipitch): Equipment Right (5.10b) The Flakes? (5.10b) Repoint 10 Sport 5.11+ (5 multipitch) Punany (.11b/c) Division (.11d) Weed B Gone (.11c/d | […]

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How my outdoor goals impact me! (Progress and Goals for the future)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I have been spending a lot of time rock climbing lately in order to prep for the set of adventures I have in store for summer 2014. The truth is, I am not really sure what I want out of this blog and I kind of want […]

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Climbing Mount Hood in Oregon

This mountain has been calling my name this year. I planned a trip in May to Portland and had planned to climb it then, but the weather was poor and we ended up not going for it. In June, I planned another trip, but ended up going to Arizona instead because there was a huge […]

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