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Rock Climbing Around Tahoe, CA

Kim and I recently took a trip out to San Francisco to visit our friend Brent and see his new place. We didn't really have any plans to do any rock climbing, but inevitably it's what we always end up doing. After spending a few days in the city riding bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge and handing out with friends, we loaded up the car and drove up to North Tahoe to a climbing place called The Emeralds. This place ... Read more

Climbing Thunderbolt Peak, Sierra Nevada Range, CA

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is one of the gnarliest areas I have ever been too. The exposure of the rock makes 3rd class climbing feel like 5th. One of my first mountain climbing adventures was in this range and it forever changed my outlook on life. Since that first experience, I had only returned once to the Sierras to climb Mount Whitney via the mountaineers route, but in September of 2014 my friend Brent and I decided to brave its ... Read more

Mount Shasta Climb via Avalanche Gulch

A lot of the time, organizing the details and coordinating the people involved with a mountaineering trip can be the most difficult part. In this case, it felt a bit last minute, but it was definitely more organized than other trips Brent and I have thrown together. I feel like most of the organization came from the Brent side of the spectrum on this particular adventure and my gut tells me it had something to do with the fact that his ... Read more

How my outdoor goals impact me! (Progress and Goals for the future)

It's been a while since I've posted because I have been spending a lot of time rock climbing lately in order to prep for the set of adventures I have in store for summer 2014. The truth is, I am not really sure what I want out of this blog and I kind of want to personalize it more. I want to make it more like an adventure journal that highlights my trips, but allows me to present my thoughts, goals, ... Read more

Backpacking Mount Whitney via the Mountaineering Route in California

This trip to California was a great adventure for my friend and me. We set out from our home in Salt Lake City by Greyhound bus at midnight. We rode all night and arrived in Reno, NV. From here we took a smaller bus to a very small town in California called Lone Pine. Upon arrival, we set up camp in a campground within walking distance of the main road and grabbed some food. We walked about to our camp and went ... Read more

The BackpackingReview Story

My name is Scott Stevenson. I would like to think that I am a fairly average individual. Blonde hair, blue eyes, less than average income, and an interesting hobby: I have become addicted to climbing mountains. I love it. It all started about 2 years ago when I summited a peak called Middle Palisade. I had just moved to Salt Lake City after graduating from Boise State University and basically spending the majority of my life living in Boise. I ... Read more