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Backpacking El Choro in Bolivia: Part 2

My second day on my backpacking excursion through Bolivia’s outdoors began early. I work just after the sun came up and packed up my gear. I ate breakfast and started onward. By this point the mountains at the beginning of my hike were far behind me and ahead of me lay jungle. The air was moist, the sun was warm, and the river I hike along was loud. This part of the hike did not change as much as the first day. The ... Read more

Backpacking the El Choro Trek Near La Paz, Bolivia

There aren't a whole lot of experiences in my life that compare to my solo, 3 day trek from La Cumbre, Bolivia to Choro, Bolivia. Along a trail called "El Camino del Choro." The hike follows a foot path that connects the main highway to about 5 small villages. Day 1 I woke up around 7am and grabbed the free bread, butter, jam, and random assortment of fruit from the hostel dining area. I climbed the cab with a man who only spoke Spanish. ... Read more