Day Hiking to Boulder Lake, McCall, Idaho

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This hike is a super easy 1.3 mile hike to Boulder Lake from Boulder Meadow Reservoir. day hiking mccall idahoFor how easy it is, you get a very remote feeling although you can see the town of Lake Fork and McCall from viewpoints. Solitude is not its best attribute, unless you hike farther up to the higher lakes in this small drainage. This is a great, quick backcountry hike for beginners or for a quick experience with lots of easy peaking around and some geocaches hidden at the view spots.

It’s simple. Just park and hike. There is snow here until late June but this is one of the earliest open trails in the area. I’ve done it with snow and without. There are some really good campsites all along the lake so it is worth walking the perimeter. Bring a fishing rod (in fact you should really bring one everywhere you go) for something to do when you aren’t picking huckleberries or climbing the surrounding mountains. Jughandle Mountain is a popular climb, but some of those peaks opposite the valley take you through some beautiful meadows on your way up.

hiking idahoClimb the peak to the left, north, when you get to Boulder Lake. It isn’t the highest thing around; in fact it’s not a peak but an outcropping of rock. It offers a view of Boulder and farther back, and there is also a geocache up there we found on accident. Hooray serendipity! I left bug spray and took a 1969 utility knife. I already had a knife, but come on… 69!!!

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