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Angel’s Landing Day Hike in Zion’s National Park, Utah

Heights. If you don’t like heights, you might be one of the many who will turn back on this trail. From the main drag, the Scenic Drive, the trailhead for Angel’s landing is on both sides of the road. It is easily found on a park map. This hike is only 2.5 miles to destination, […]

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Hiking Hidden Canyon in Zion National Park, Utah

A great trail for those who like to get somewhere weird and fast (in a non-sexual way)…(but maybe also in a sexual way), all of Hidden Canyon trail can experienced in one half day. Heading north on the main highway in Zion, the trailhead is on the right and shares a parking lot with Weeping […]

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Backpacking in Zion’s National Park, Utah

Backpacking in Zion’s National Park is one of the most amazing things I have done so far in my life. One of the greatest things that I have learned about our national park system here in America is that the best places are the ones where nobody else goes. I feel like it is a […]

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