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Solo Travel and Backpacking Adventure to Iceland

I decided to go to Iceland on a bit of a whim. I was trying to figure out where I wanted to go. I had originally planned to book a flight to Ireland, but when I started looking at flights my mind began wandering.  I eventually ended up at the Salt Lake City airport with a ticket to Iceland in hand. The flight was long, but soon enough I was getting off the plane at the Reykjavik International Airport in Keflavik and ... Read more

Featuring Local Utah Adventurer Andy Earl: Climber, Backpacker, Backcountry Snowboarder

It seems to be a trend that most of the people I interview on my blog have been connected to me over the internet. This is also the case for Andy. I was drawn to his backcountry photos on Facebook through a friend of a friend. He was happy to participate in my local interview project and answered a few questions that I sent him. Andy was born and raised in Utah. He plans to live and die here, as well. When he ... Read more

Featuring Local Utah Hiker, Skier, and Mountain Biker: Brooke Gaynes

Brooke Gaynes and I became acquainted when she began liking a lot of my photos on Instagram. In turn, I noticed her and her husband's pictures were pretty incredible and awe inspiring. I added her on Facebook and she was more than happy to answer a few questions that I threw at her. Her story is pretty great: She was born and raised here in Salt Lake City and considered San Fransisco as a place to live after she graduated. She started ... Read more

Solo Summit of El Misti Volcano near Arequipa, Peru

El Misti is a prominent volcano about 45 minutes from the large city of Arequipa in South Western Peru. I decided to climb it when I was planning my month long trip in South America. I was unaware of how difficult the altitude would be and I was really excited to test myself on this climb. The altitude was on my mind, and the temperature was not. Looking back, I should have taken both into consideration. I started the hike after a ... Read more

Backpacking, Rafting, and Hiking Havasupai in the Grand Canyon Wilderness of Arizona

If you come from an icy place, if the winter was long, or if your eyes have seen a wash of gray for months, a perfect escape is waiting for you in the Grand Canyon backcountry. What can I say about the American Southwest in the springtime? After hibernating all winter, certainly nothing in my lexicon can accurately describe the invigorating revival of human spirit; when new desert heat flows up your legs, a hot sun beams UVs through a blue ... Read more

Backpacking El Choro in Bolivia: Part 2

My second day on my backpacking excursion through Bolivia’s outdoors began early. I work just after the sun came up and packed up my gear. I ate breakfast and started onward. By this point the mountains at the beginning of my hike were far behind me and ahead of me lay jungle. The air was moist, the sun was warm, and the river I hike along was loud. This part of the hike did not change as much as the first day. The ... Read more

What Should I Take with Me when Backpacking: The Basics

There are a variety of types of backpacking trips that all require different gear, but in general you are going to want a set of basic things: Backpack You will of course want a backpacking backpack. It is important when buying a pack to know how much stuff you plan to bring with you regularly, so you can adjust for size. You will also want to get straps around the hips (a normal backpack will not do). The most important thing about buying ... Read more

Splitboarding Tour of Mount Superior in Utah

This tour was one of my favorite backcountry adventures yet. My friend Jon and I reached the base of the mountain around noon in hopes that a late start would give the clouds time to clear. Unfortunately this did not happen, so we strapped in and began trudging through the fresh powder with flurries of light snow coming in and out. The skin track we followed had been packed down by the early risers, but the light snowfall had laid a nice ... Read more

Backpacking the El Choro Trek Near La Paz, Bolivia

There aren't a whole lot of experiences in my life that compare to my solo, 3 day trek from La Cumbre, Bolivia to Choro, Bolivia. Along a trail called "El Camino del Choro." The hike follows a foot path that connects the main highway to about 5 small villages. Day 1 I woke up around 7am and grabbed the free bread, butter, jam, and random assortment of fruit from the hostel dining area. I climbed the cab with a man who only spoke Spanish. ... Read more

Arc’teryx Rampart Hiking and Backpacking Pant – Men’s

These hiking pants really changed the game for me. I spent a lot of time trying to find a pant that was comfortable and lightweight. The Arc'teryx Rampart are nonrestrictive and make hiking easier for me. I used to just backpack in sweats or jeans, but if they got wet, I was toast. This last summer I knew it was time to take a step up and get some water resistant pants. The 94% Nylon material repels water. If they do get wet ... Read more
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