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Classic Climbing in the Tetons: CMC Route on Mount Moran

I find it interesting how intense the alpine world is. I have spent the last few years gradually climbing harder and harder mountains. It never ceases to amaze me how insignificant I feel when I commit to a big climb. The CMC Route on Mount Moran is an Alpine grade II and the face is 1000 feet of 5.5 climbing. My friend Kirk and I got our permits at the rangers station a few hours earlier, but we were still in the ... Read more

Classic Climbing and Splitboarding in Little Cottonwood: Winter on the South Ridge and South Face of Mount Superior

This has to be one of the most intense all-around adventures I have ever done, and it happened in my own backyard of Little Cottonwood Canyon. I got the crazy idea to climb a classic winter alpine route and ski a classic winter descent. Here's how it went down: We got to the base of the ridge around 6am. We began up the ridge, ice axes in hand, climbing gear and snowboards on our backs. The south ridge of Mount Superior is an ... Read more

Broad’s Fork Twin Peaks Summit in Utah

I just did my second solo summit ever and my first climb of Twin Peak the other day, along the Broad Forks trail up Big Cottonwood Canyon just South of Salt Lake City. It was a great hike and I would suggest it to anyone who is just getting into mountaineering. There were a few obstacles I experienced along the way, but it was a very straightforward hike overall. The hike begins at the Broad Forks trailhead at the S-Curve ... Read more