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Splitboarding Tour of Mount Reynold’s in Utah

I am really excited about this hike. I feel like it is a big step in a new direction of backpacking and mountaineering, especially in the winter, for me. This hike consisted of a lot “firsts” for me. It was my first time using a splitboard, it was my first time hiking with my new […]

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Day Hike to Lake Catherine and Sunset Peak from Alta, Utah

This is a great day hike up in the Wasatch Range. The trailhead is located up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Follow the road through the small town of Alta, and the road with turn to dirt. Follow the dirt road for a little ways until you reach the Catherine Pass Trailhead parking lot on the right. […]

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Backpacking and Summiting Mount Olympus in Utah

If you live in Salt Lake City, you will easily recognize Mount Olympus as memorable landmark and peak in the area. Is dramatic face stares directly into the heart of the city. From the first day I moved to SLC I felt compelled to climb this mountain. In April of 2012, I finally did. It […]

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Cecret Lake and Sugarloaf Peak Summit in Utah

This is a great little day hike if you want to catch an amazing view of the Wasatch Range, but you don’t want to hike all day to get there. The reason it is a fairly short hike, but still provides majestic views is because you have to drive all the way up Little Cottonwood […]

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Backpacking to Kings Peak Summit in Utah

The hike on Henry Fork’s trail to Kings Peak was a great backpacking and mountaineering experience for me. I think this was because of a few different reasons: This hike took a few days to complete. I know it can be done in one day, but I enjoy hikes more if you are able to […]

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Lone Peak Summit in Utah

Because I have done a fair amount of peaks prior to creating this blog, I am going to be backtracking a bit to play catch up on some of them. About 2 weeks ago I did my first solo summit. It was also my first time summiting lone peak. I felt that the name of […]

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