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Day Hiking and Backpacking Mount Borah in Idaho

I grew up in Idaho and have been wanting to climb Mount Borah for a few years; basically since I started climbing mountains over the past little while, Borah has been on my list. I wanted to get it done this year, and I felt like October was the last month I would be able […]

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Backpacking to Sawtooth Lake and Summiting Mount Regan

A few years back, a friend and I decided to go on a backpacking trip into the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. This was basically the first backpacking trip that I had planned and executed. My friend and I planned it, but prior to this trek, I had only gone backpacking with youth groups for church […]

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Seven Devils, Hells Canyon Wilderness, Idaho

The Seven Devils mountains are a rugged bunch of sky scraping, basalt pinnacles. Though the peak elevation of this geographically small region at He Devil is only 9,393 ft., short by most diehards’ standards, the stunning fluctuations between the ancient and narrow, lake-filled, green glacial valleys walled in by their towering, lord like, mountain brethren […]

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Summit of Bacon Peak in Idaho

The Saint Joe River is one of great beauty, even for Idaho standards. The water is clear and clean, and flows through a canyon that forces the hiker to experience shades of green that would make Tom Bombadil envious. That is a Lord of the Rings reference folks. Read it. This river hosts large, well […]

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