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I just realized that there are 3 different sets of “Twin Peaks” in the Wasatch Mountain Range. Today I took the short hike to check off my second pair of twins — the Avenues Twin Peaks. This hike was very easy. However, despite it’s ease, it provides the best view of the sunset within 5 minutes of my house in Downtown Salt Lake.

Avenues twin peaksThere are a few ways to get to these small “peaks” but the main ones are easily readable trails branching from the famous Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The route it took started on the BSL trail where it meets the end of Terrace Hills Dr.

Avenues twin peaksI followed the wide trail east as it zig zagged its way gradually upward. The twin peaks came into view after a short time. I branched up to the top of the hills that followed an up and down slop toward the North side of the two hills.

The trail lead right to the top of North Twin peak. It was a few hundred feet to the top of the South Peak. I reached the top and sat to watch the sunset.

Avenues twin peaksA few people came and went as I sat, and once the sun was down I jogged back to the car the same way I came. On my way back I saw a deer run from the trail. At least I thought it was a deer, I approached it to get a closer look. The “deer” turn and looked at me. It was then that I realized it was too grey to be a deer. It was a wolf. It stared at me for a few moments, I stared back, shocked at what I was looking at. Then, we both turned and ran away from each other.

The rest of the hike back was uneventful and it was nearly dark when I reached my car. The hike took me about 2.5 hours round trip, but I spent about an hour on top watching the sunset. It was a fun, short hike. It was super close to my house. It provided spectacular views of the Wasatch range, the Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, and Antelope Island.

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