Day Hike to Lake Catherine and Sunset Peak from Alta, Utah

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This is a great day hike up in the Wasatch Range. The trailhead is located up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Follow the road through the small town of Alta, and the road with turn to dirt. Follow the dirt road for a little ways until you reach the Catherine Pass Trailhead parking lot on the right.

The trail to Catherine Pass is on the other side of the dirt road and heads East, slightly gaining elevation. lake catherine utahIt opens up into a small valley and begins switchbacking up the East side of the valley towards the saddle that provides an awesome view of Lake Catherine to the East, and Sunset Peak to the Southeast.

To get to the lake you continue East down the other side of the saddle. To get to Sunset Peak, you head South and follow the ridge. The trail runs along the West side of the ridge, gradually turns toward that east, and comes around to the South side of Sunset Peak.

From here, you head North about 100 ft to the summit. It is a really easy hike and only takes about 2 or 3 hours round trip depending on your pace. The view from the top is amazing especially in the fall with the reds and yellows of the aspens!

Our hike back was fairly uneventful as we followed the route back down the ridge into the valley and back to the trailhead where we started. Sometimes a short hike into the wild flower fields and Aspens of the Wasatch are exactly what you need!!

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