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Broad’s Fork to Sunrise (O’Sullivan), Dromedary and Lake Blanche

Some people call this the Triple Traverse, but since Wes and I had done Broad's Fork Twins a few weeks earlier via Ferguson canyon and the Storm Mountain ridge, and also because Wes had to work til noon, we skipped the Twins and just did Sunrise and Dromedary Peaks this time. So, I'll call it the double traverse. To be honest, I feel like I am running out of peaks to do in the Wasatch. It's kind of funny because it seems ... Read more

Salewa Firetail GTX Approach Shoes

I don't get excited about shoes very often and this might be because I don't find an amazing pair very often. However, the Salewa Firetail GTX approach shoe is honestly the best shoe I have ever had. I am an avid runner, hiker, backpacker, mountaineer and rock climber living in Salt Lake City and for a while I was really on the fence about getting another pair of shoes, especially approach shoes. I have a good pair of  hiking boots and several ... Read more

Mount Shasta Climb via Avalanche Gulch

A lot the time, organizing the details and coordinating the people involved with a mountaineering trip can be the most difficult part. In this case, it felt a bit last minute, but it was definitely more organized than other trips Brent and I have thrown together. I feel like most of the organization came from the Brent side of the spectrum on this particular adventure and my gut tells me it had something to do with the fact that his father ... Read more

Climbing the South Ridge of Mount Superior

The South Ridge of Superior is a fairly iconic ridge line in Little Cottonwood Canyon across from Snowbird and Alta Resorts. Since moving to Salt Lake I have been slowly ticking away at a number of peaks in the Wasatch, Mount Superior being one of them. The more peaks I have bagged and the more rock climbing I have started doing, the more I am realizing it is kind of about the route more than it is about the actual peak. It's ... Read more

Prepping for Spring and Summer Adventures with a New Volatile Skill Set

This winter has gone by pretty quickly, thanks to my new interest in indoor climbing that luckily happens to be next door to my work, basically. The ski touring season that I was planning on taking advantage of seems to keep slipping out of my reach, but because I have had much more luck finding friends with my same climbing goals, my focus has still been strongly on getting comfortable with my climbing skills to feel confident enough to climb above gear ... Read more

My Mount Olympus Alpine Climbing Project

This year has been a difficult one for me when it comes to creating goals for myself. I finally feel like I am crossing from one side of a fence to another when it comes to the sport of Alpinism as my rock climbing skills increase, but with that comes a lot of anxiety of possibly getting in over my head on a mountain. I feel like most of my goals and desires fall into the alpinism category of outdoor adventure.  Even ... Read more

Comparing Mountaineering with Rockclimbing After Experiencing My First Multi Pitch Trad Lead

I moved to Utah about 3 years ago. I grew up in Boise. There are mountains there, but compared to the Wasatch they are mostly foothills. I spent my youth backpacking some amazing Idaho ranges like the Sawtooths and White Clouds, but that was all I did: backpacked. The idea of "mountain climbing" was a bit abstract and foreign. I didn't realize that regular people climbed mountains everyday. I didn't realized that regular people jam their hands in to small cracks and ... Read more

Mexico’s Highest Point and a How to Plan Really Great Adventure!

Over the past few years I have been traveling a lot. I have made my way to 9 countries and spent countless hours in my car crossing state lines. I love it. It's one of those things that might not be for everyone, but I have slowly but surely figured out the way to make traveling work for me. On my last trip to Mexico, I spent a few days in Mexico City before traveling to a volcano and climbing to the ... Read more

Making Tough Decisions in the Mountains: Success vs Failure and Life vs Death

The more time I spend outdoors and the more I push myself, the more I find myself second guessing my decisions and double checking my safety. To be honest, I get freaked out a lot. More times than I'd like to admit, I have been standing somewhere far away from help and safety looking ahead and thinking... "Should I keep going?" It's weird that I feel this way because in the last few years I also begun to feel more confident in ... Read more

A Story of a Climb up Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier has stood out in my mind the same way it stands alone on the Seattle skyline.  It was a landmark climb before my attempt and remains a landmark climb as I move forward in my adventures. As we prepared for our climb, gathering last bits of gear and practicing knots, we sat in a restaurant talking about what the future held for us. Nerves were stretched thin as we talked about preparation and consequences of this climb that would start ... Read more
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