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Salewa Firetail GTX Approach Shoes

I don't get excited about shoes very often and this might be because I don't find an amazing pair very often. However, the Salewa Firetail GTX approach shoe is honestly the best shoe I have ever had. I am an avid runner, hiker, backpacker, mountaineer and rock climber living in Salt Lake City and for a while I was really on the fence about getting another pair of shoes, especially approach shoes. I have a good pair of  hiking boots and several ... Read more

Making Tough Decisions in the Mountains: Success vs Failure and Life vs Death

The more time I spend outdoors and the more I push myself, the more I find myself second guessing my decisions and double checking my safety. To be honest, I get freaked out a lot. More times than I'd like to admit, I have been standing somewhere far away from help and safety looking ahead and thinking... "Should I keep going?" It's weird that I feel this way because in the last few years I also begun to feel more confident in ... Read more

Standing on the Summit of Granite Peak: Montana’s State High Point

This summer has been filled with a lot adventures, but my trip to Montana and the hike to Granite Peak was a highlight that sits near the top of my list. The trip was meant to be a short weekend trip, and we left in the early afternoon on a Friday. The drive took longer than expected and we ended up arriving at the West Rosebud Lake trailhead around 2am. My friend, Tyson and I had a plan to wake around 4am ... Read more

Climbing Mount Hood in Oregon

This mountain has been calling my name this year. I planned a trip in May to Portland and had planned to climb it then, but the weather was poor and we ended up not going for it. In June, I planned another trip, but ended up going to Arizona instead because there was a huge storm and about 2 feet of snow dumped on Hood the weekend of the planned trip. Finally, in early July this year, my friend and I went up ... Read more

Splitboarding Tour of Mount Superior in Utah

This tour was one of my favorite backcountry adventures yet. My friend Jon and I reached the base of the mountain around noon in hopes that a late start would give the clouds time to clear. Unfortunately this did not happen, so we strapped in and began trudging through the fresh powder with flurries of light snow coming in and out. The skin track we followed had been packed down by the early risers, but the light snowfall had laid a nice ... Read more

Summit of Bacon Peak in Idaho

The Saint Joe River is one of great beauty, even for Idaho standards. The water is clear and clean, and flows through a canyon that forces the hiker to experience shades of green that would make Tom Bombadil envious. That is a Lord of the Rings reference folks. Read it. This river hosts large, well fed trout. Catch and release only and the use of barbless hooks keep the stream on of the country’s best. Hike the trail upstream ... Read more

Backpacking Mount Whitney via the Mountaineering Route in California

This trip to California was a great adventure for my friend and me. We set out from our home in Salt Lake City by Greyhound bus at midnight. We rode all night and arrived in Reno, NV. From here we took a smaller bus to a very small town in California called Lone Pine. Upon arrival, we set up camp in a campground within walking distance of the main road and grabbed some food. We walked about to our camp and went ... Read more

Backpacking to Kings Peak Summit in Utah

The hike on Henry Fork's trail to Kings Peak was a great backpacking and mountaineering experience for me. I think this was because of a few different reasons: This hike took a few days to complete. I know it can be done in one day, but I enjoy hikes more if you are able to spend a few days hiking. This was the last hike my dog was able to go on with me before he was hit by a car. I learn a ... Read more

Mount Elbert Summit in Colorado

Mount Elbert was a fun and easy state high point. It was a great trip for me and a few friends to backpack and enjoy the outdoors. Because it was fairly easy, it's the highest point in Colorado, and it's a 14er, the trail was packed when we went. There were 5 of us and a small dog on this trip, and 2 had never summited a peak before. The drive from Salt Lake was fun and we stopped in the small ... Read more

Lone Peak Summit in Utah

Because I have done a fair amount of peaks prior to creating this blog, I am going to be backtracking a bit to play catch up on some of them. About 2 weeks ago I did my first solo summit. It was also my first time summiting lone peak. I felt that the name of the peak was suiting for my first summit by myself. This hike was a long one, and the day was super hot which made it feel more ... Read more
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